Monday, February 11, 2008

Creative Paw: Lend a helping word, for dog's sake

As writers and editors, we have a huge capacity to help those less fortunate every time we bring attention to their misfortune.

While the plight of children catches my eye first, there are some other victims that bear looking after. Although we may perceive them to be not without defenses, domestic animals are truly unable to help themselves.

There's a new organization designed to help writers and editors make a volunteer connection with organizations that help abandoned and neglected animals.

Writer Linda Formichelli has founded Creative People for Animal Welfare (creativePAW), which helps animal welfare organizations find creative professionals (such as writers, editors, illustrators, and web designers) who are willing to do volunteer work to help with their marketing, education, fundraising, and PR efforts.

Animal welfare orgs have to join and be approved prior to joining the database. Writers and editors who join take on only work they have time for, Formichelli said.

"According to the Human Society of the United States, a homeless companion animal is euthanized every eight seconds in the U.S.," she said. "Our mission is to help animal welfare organizations publicize their causes and educate the public about homeless pet issues. So please, sign up and get involved."

So what can you do? Proofing, logo design, press release, media hounding, copy writing? Think how much that mighty dab of talent of yours can help on some project. Think how woofing awesome it will look on your resume, and how it will make your heart purr.

Then sign up, for dog's sake!
Check it out:

-- J. Louise Larson

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