Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where The Writing/Editing Jobs Are: Thinking Outside the Lines

For fledgling and experienced writers alike, getting a job in a tight market can be challenging, to understate it.

Layoffs at newpapers, magazines and websites dump more candidates into the job market. Some of these are absorbed as writers and editors resolve to control their own destiny and be their own masters (freelance) or finally get into a line of work that pays (PR). Retiring wordsmiths are replaced by whole new classfuls of bright-eyed graduates looking for that foot in the editorial door--willing to work harder, unencumbered by family, able to survive on a smaller paycheck, while experienced candidates may offer a more settled lifestyle, extensive background and family to support as a reason to stick around.

Whether you're starting or seasoned, here's a reminder that getting into the queues for available jobs can mean creativity in the job search process. Here are some suggestions for improving the odds:

Good luck!

J. Louise Larson http://writingporch.blogspot.com/

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